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Therapy Adjacent Coaching

Therapy Adjacent Life Coaching

Life coaching is often misconceived as therapy in disguise. This is not true. In reality, this is a unique specialty, developed to help people overcome obstacles and meet personal goals that will bring them fulfillment and success in many different areas of life.


Therapy is a lengthy process in which someone sees a healthcare professional on a regular basis to diagnose and resolve challenging and often troublesome thoughts, behaviors, relationship issues, and emotions. This discipline concentrates on the past and on reflection and analysis, trying to resolve past issues to create a happier, more stable future.


I work with people already in therapy, acting as an additional outlet and sometimes a sounding board, aiming to build on their understandings and create action plans in order to achieve desired results.


Life coaching is the perfect complement to therapy, and it’s often this combination of specialties that yields the best results.


“I met Michael and felt immediately connected to him. I was impressed by his kindness, the depth of his recovery, and his experiences with different therapeutic techniques. I attend a DBT class that he facilitates and look forward to it every week!”

Holly G.

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