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Personal Development Life Coaching

My holistic approach to coaching is rooted in my deeply rewarding personal journey and exposure to a variety of different therapies. My goal is to re-connect you with your being and introduce deep emotional healing, inner peace, a sense of prevailing wellness, true purpose, and a feeling of profound self-love.

  • Do you feel there’s something missing from your life?

  • Do you want to recognize and understand your purpose?

  • Are you experiencing a sense of unfulfillment, even though you have many things to be grateful for?

  • Have you lost your way and fallen out of touch with what really matters to you?

At Dragonfly Coaching, our life coaching sessions address your whole being – that is mind, body, soul, and spirit – working on a deeper level to support you and balance all aspects of your life, allowing you to grow and move forward.


Personal Development

“I’m blessed to have known Michael for 10 years. His friendship and support over the years has enriched my life so much.  Michael is a gift and I treasure the love and conversation we have.”

Sharon R.

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