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My Journey

My journey to becoming a life coach has been long and winding, but it is an experience for which I am forever grateful. It provided me with a deeply empathetic and compassionate outlook, a sensibility which has become the guiding force behind my life coaching practice.


I started therapy as a young child, yet it was only decades later that a therapist asked me: “have you ever experienced trauma?” That question changed the entire trajectory of my life for the better. I began a deep dive into my life and experiences, a process that ultimately saved my life, and my goal is to help others do the same.


I understand how it feels to be alone in your existence, to feel completely isolated despite an abundance of seemingly close connections. I know the true value of having someone to talk to that listens intently when trying to process trauma and get back on the right path.


My journey has crossed many different types of therapy. I'm a NAMI certified connection recovery support group facilitator. I’ve both studied and experienced first-hand CBT, DBT, EMDR, Somatic Therapy, and Art Therapy. What I noticed was that it’s often a combination of therapies that results in breakthroughs for most people. That is why I have incorporated valuable techniques from a range of therapies in my life coaching, and also why I want to work with clients already in therapy and are longing for another outlet or sounding board.


If my unique experience can help just one other person, then a deeper purpose has been fulfilled.

“In the almost two decades I have known Michael, he has always been one the first people I sought out for advice. His compassion and empathy, combined with his life experience provides me with the support I needed."

Sam R.

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